Sleep Apnea

    Dr. Rick Smith in Santa Cruz is a credentialed member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He works along with the medical community to provide an option to the CPAP machine. Medical Insurance companies recognize Dr. Smith as a specialist of oral medicine  and then accept medical insurance rather than dental insurance to cover the appliances used to treat breathing related sleep disorders. Many medical physicians and dentist refer their patients to Dr. Rick Smith. As a general dentist Dr. Rick Smith in Santa Cruz California will stay in contact with the referring doctor. Dr. Smith will contact your dentist and encourage regular cleaning and reexaminations.

    Sleep Apnea is a  medical condition that blocks the airway while sleeping. The main observation is that people have a loud snoring problem. What is the most important finding is that people with sleep apnea do not have a good nights sleep and have what is know as excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS.  There are many medical conditions associated with sleep apnea and the American Heart Association has compared its risk to heart disease like that of smoking cigarettes. Usually a person has a sleep study either at home or at a sleep clinic. A diagnosis is made by the medical sleep splecialist based on the respiratory disturbance index. On an average the RDI scale ranges from mild to severe. Dental appliances used to treat this disorder are called mandibular advancement devices or MAD. Dr. Smith will start with a consultation to review your medical history and various sleep studies. Then he will explain what your diagnosis is and what it means to you and your particular sleep disorder. At this first appointment Dr. Smith will discuss which type of appliance will best suit your needs and give you a brochure.

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