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Dr. Rick Smith

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I love being able to help a person get a beautiful smile using the minimal amount of dentistry. I believe in what I do for people, and get excited when patients get the smile they have always wanted. Patient’s health comes first. I spend time so that you know what needs to be done and why. You ultimately choose what you want. I will discuss all of your options to arrive at your goals. I have been a dentist in Santa Cruz for over 30 years, and I love what I do. I am especially dedicated to the patient who needs special attention because of health needs or fear. I have special hospital training and keep up in medicine so I understand what issues need to be addressed, and how it feels. Trust is something I earn from each patient. Our relationship grows form there.


Dr. Smith enjoys being with his family and is eager to show you pictures of them, including his dogs. I have seven children, three girls, four boys, and one granddaughter. I like motorcycles and ride both on road and off. I am a master scuba diver and dive mostly in Monterey Bay.

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