Meet the Dentist in Santa Cruz, CA

Rick K. Smith, DDS

Our expert dentist, Dr. Rick K. Smith, uses minimal dental procedures to help his patients achieve a beautiful smile. He wholeheartedly believes in the care he provides — nothing makes him happier than showing patients their dream smile for the first time. 

At our practice, our dentist prioritizes your health. Dr. Smith will discuss all of your treatment options before your appointment and advise you about which results will work best for you. Ultimately, you’ll be able to make an educated decision about your dental healthcare options.

Over Three Decades of Dental Experience

Dr. Smith has been practicing dentistry in Santa Cruz for over 30 years and loves what he does. He’s especially dedicated to accommodating patients with unique health needs or dental anxiety

He also has special hospital training along with numerous hours of continuing education courses. This allows him and the rest of our team to advance their training in dental medicine, so he’ll provide up-to-date dental care for each patient. 

When he’s not caring for his community, Dr. Smith enjoys spending quality time with his family. He’s always eager to show off pictures of them, especially his dogs.  He has seven children, three girls, four boys, and one granddaughter. His hobbies include riding motorcycles both on-road and off. A master scuba diver, Dr. Smith can often be found diving in Monterey Bay.

Meet the Dentist at Our Santa Cruz Office

At our Santa Cruz office, our dentist’s priority is your health. Dr. Rick K. Smith is experienced in treating our patients with the best dental healthcare available. With over 30 years of practicing dentistry along with continuous education,  Dr. Smith and his patients are proud to work together to create their dream smiles. Meet the dentist and his team by scheduling your consultation today at (831) 462-5600.

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